Investing in people creating value

KSM Group is an active investor seeking exceptional opportunities to drive and generate value within the real estate world, we are looking to create the boxes rather than fitting into them.

Our investment philosophy revolves around three core fundamentals:


The investment opportunity must have the potential to substantially scale up in size and make a meaningful impact on the industry.


It must add to KSM Group’s intellectual capital and have synergies with other lines of businesses we own.

Phenomenal Partners​

And it must be done with the absolute best partners.

KSM provides its investors with opportunities to earn exceptional risk-adjusted returns while ensuring alignment of interest by co-investing alongside our own principal capital, we won’t invest our partners’ capital where we wouldn’t put our own. We raise private equity from our extensive network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Our Companies

KIN Capital

Kin Capital Partners Inc. are a global real estate investor, asset manager and advisory firm located in Toronto. We specialize in creating value through cutting-edge financial solutions and close-knit relationships with top-tier real estate investors and operators worldwide.

Direct Real Estate Investments

KSM Group co-invests both actively and passively alongside its companies across the whole spectrum between debt to pure equity.

We focus on deals ranging from short-term high-yield first position debt on residential properties with 7%-12% IRR’s across Canada to equity for value-add deals and ground-up mixed-use development projects across the US and Canada with IRR’s ranging from 15%-25% over 3-7 years.

At KSM we view our investors as our partners and always consider their advice or thought, we make ourselves available to our investors at their convenience and ensure they have the information they need, when they need it.