The more we give
the more we get

We believe it is not only possible to do good while doing well – it’s imperative

As a society, we are measured by our weakest link. At KSM, we believe in strengthening our communities through partnerships with phenomenal organizations and people in educating and developing the next generation of leaders.


Our Principal sits on the UJA Executive Cabinet and co-founded the Leaders’ Lounge - an annual capital-raising event for UJA, inviting the top 15-20 real estate leaders to share their life stories with 200 young real estate professionals.

Tel Aviv University

KSM has been part of the Canada-Israel Program of Tel Aviv University's Real Estate faculty, where graduate students come to Toronto to learn about global real estate markets from the city’s top real estate companies. We have promoted and planned the student trip over the last 3 years and plan to continue growing the program.


KSM was part of founding TREL (Toronto Real Estate Leaders), a social networking group with 2,000 members, tailored to developers, investors, lenders and a wide range professionals in the Toronto real estate community. TREL nurtures and develops the next-generation leaders by providing a unique alternative to the traditional industry networking events. Partnerships with major educational institutions like the Schulich School of Business give members access to the best tools available and the foundation of relationships for future growth.